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Exit Devices

Our locksmiths are experts in the installation, repair and maintenance of all types of exit devices, including push bars, panic bars and crash bars, to ensure the safety of your commercial property.

Exit devices, also known as crash bars or push bars, are a type of door hardware that allows for quick and easy egress in an emergency situation. They are commonly found on commercial and public buildings such as offices, schools, and hospitals.

There are two main types of exit devices: rim and vertical rod. Rim exit devices are mounted on the surface of the door and are activated by a latch that is released by pushing down on the bar. Vertical rod exit devices, on the other hand, have a vertical rod that extends from the top to the bottom of the door and is activated by pushing on the bar.

Exit devices are an important safety feature as they provide a quick and easy way for people to exit a building in case of emergency. They also provide an added layer of security, as they can only be opened from the inside and not the outside.

When it comes to installation and maintenance, it is important to have a professional locksmith handle the job. We have the necessary skills and experience to ensure that the exit devices are installed correctly and are in proper working condition. We can also provide regular maintenance, such as lubricating the mechanism, to ensure smooth operation.

If you are in need of exit devices for your commercial or public building, get in touch! We can provide you with the necessary consultation and installation services to ensure that your building is safe and secure.

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